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June 01 2021

Parcours Saint Germain

2000 posters from the collection went up in the streets of the famous Latin Quarter of Paris for this 20th edition of the Parcours Saint Germain. Alongside Artiusts such as JR, Ugo Rondinone. 
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November 12 2021

Planches Contact - Storyville

Total take-over of the town of Deauville for the wonderful Festival of Photography in this mythic setting. Monumental installations, including a 36 metre image on the Olympic Swimming Pool and images all around the town and the stunningly famous prommenade. 

October 20 2021

NEW BOOK - DEJA VIEW Martin Parr & The Anonymous Project

What a priveledge to collaborate with one of the masters of 20th Centuryt photography, Martin Parr. A unique dialogue bewteen our work that questons the idea of what makes a great image. Now out and available here  and also signed copies here at the Martin Parr Foundation
Panneau de médiation - Exposition

June 01 2021

Exhibition Horizons at Gare D'Austerlitz

Horizons  - Gare D'austerlitz. The horizons in the collection are often the background constant to our daily lives. They are the backdrop to which all our lives are played out. They represent where we come from and where we are going, a hopeful reminder  that we are on a continuous journey of discovery, all undeniably linked together.

October 09 2020

NEW EXHIBITION! 'This Is England' at the Agnes B Foundation.

Upcoming Exhibiton at the wonderful Agnes B Foundation starting on the 9th October. An interavtive journey through the UK part of the collection. Red broick houses, roadside picnics, seaside outings.....Click here 

July 02 2020

British Journal of Photography.

Online talk with the British Journal of Photography on the subject of 'Art of the Ordinary'.
Polka VDJ

July 02 2020

Exhibition Vertiges Des Jours

Incredibly proud to be part of this collective exhibiton at the Polka Gallery along side some of my absolute heroes in the world of photography! Works old and new to highlight the emotional journey of slowly coming out of lockdown after 3 months. 
BBC News

April 13 2020

BBC Age of the Image

OUT NOW Very proud to be featured in the new 6 part documentary series from the BBC 'Age of The Image' narrated by James Fox. A comprehensice history of the image from the birth of phtogrpahy and cinema throughout the twenthieth century until today. The Anonymous Project features here at the beginning of episode 3.Click here to watch.
Gare et C

July 01 2019

Gare et Connexions

Take over off the beautiful Gare de Lyon in Paris. This exhibition linked to the Arles Festival presented 80 works from the collection in one of the busiest train stations in Paris and lasted throught the summer for just over 3 months. 
Polka day

February 29 2020

Polka Factory

Special day at the Polka Factory. Books, lightboxes...come and join us.
Maison de la Poésie

November 15 2019

Maison de La Poésie

Special evening of projections with readings from our books by Justine Levy and Arnaud Cathrine with music from Florent Marchet. 

November 13 2019

Taschen Book Launch

Launch of Mid-Century Memories at the landmark Taschen Book Store in Paris.

October 23 2019

Evening at La Comete

Evening with The Anonymous Project , Exclusive projections and readings from new book with Justine Levy.

October 25 2018

British Journal of Photography

A talk hosted by our friends at the BJP to discuss the role of analogue in a digital age.
Its Nice That

January 30 2018

Its Nice That

We presented the project for the first tilme in the UK with the formidable Its Nice That team. 
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July 05 2017

The Eyes

A talk at Les Rencontre Photogrphique D'Arles presenting the project for the very first time in public.