When we were young

When We Were Young

Edited by Mini Hoxton Press. Red brick houses, football in the park, trips to the sea-side and a cool pint on a summers day, When We Were Young is a comprehensive journey through the UK part of the collection. Available here

Mid-Century Memories, Lee Shulman

Edited by Taschen and named The Times Photography Book of the Year, Mid-century Memories is a comprehensive journey through the collection. Forward by Richard B Woodward and interview with the founder Lee Shulman. Available here

The House

By Lee Shulman Edited by Textuel with the kind participation of the Agnes B Foundation & PICTO The House is the book that acompanied the exhibition in Alres and is an immersive look around the themes in the collection that make up family life. Often funny, moving and suprising, this is a unique look at life around the home. Forward by Natacha Wolinski. Available online here
Arnaud Cathrine

Andrew Est Plus Beau Que Toi, Arnaud Cathrine + The Anonymous Project

(French Only) Edited by Flammarion
Collaboration with french author Arnaud Cathrine. Tells the tale of two brothers from California growing up together and taking two very different paths. Illustrated by The Anonymouis Project. Available online here
Justine Levy

Histoire de Familles, Justine Levy + The Anonymous Project

(French Only) Edited by Flammarion
Moments of family life from the collection given new meaning by the sharp and acrid pen of Justine Levy. Funny, bizarre and somes quite dark, these are snippets of life unadulterated and observed through the eyes of one of France's best writers. Available online here