Daily Mail | April 2018

Inside the fascinating archive of anonymous photographic slides from 1930’s to the 80s.

Its almost impossible to pick even few favourites out of the more than half a million photographic slides owned by The Anonymous Project, founder Lee Shulman can think of a couple off the top of his head.

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New York Times |March 2018

Moments Big and Small in Vintage Photos

Lee Shulman, an English-born filmmaker based in Paris, decided to buy a random bundle of slides from eBay on a lark. Almost instantly upon examining the contents, “I felt very close to the image,” he said, “and close to the emotions that were transferred.”

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6Mois | March 2018

So British

C’est un lot de diapositives arrivé par la poste a l’association « The Anonymous Project » Des Images des années 1960 et 1970, qui replongent la Journaliste Kirsty Lang dans L’Angleterre de sa Jeunesse.

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Liberation | January 2018

Diapositives. Vestiges Vintage

The Anonymous project expose a Paris son fonds de diapos du monde entier vouées a la benne, collectées comme autant d’archives intimes et de trésors mélancoliques.

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BBC NEWS | Novembre 2017

Huge photo collection shows US through the years

When a collector asked people to send him their personal photos from the past, he was not expecting to receive nearly half a million back. The Anonymous Project tells a very human story of America over four decades.

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itsnicethat| November 2017

The Anonymous Project charts our history using strangers photographic slides

“As a filmmaker I have always loved stories and colour slides feel like a frame cut out of a longer narrative,” explains founder of The Anonymous Project, Lee Shulman…

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The Guardian | Octobre 2017

Colourful lives: salvaged snapshots from the Kodachrome era – in pictures

The Anonymous Project’s mission is to rescue collections of slide photography from flea markets and house clearances to digitise them before the chemicals degrade. Here is a selection of their favourite salvaged transparencies – photographers and (almost) all subjects unknown.

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Connaissance des arts | Octobre 2017

« The Anonymous Project » quand la photographie amateur devient de l’art

En invitant le grand public à partager leurs vieilles photos argentiques de manière anonyme, « The Anonymous Project » souhaite créer une base de données de photographie vernaculaire.

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Polk’alternative | Septembre 2017

Les diapos de la mémoire

Emmanuelle Halkin, éditrice photo, et Lee Shulman, réalisateur, ont créé à Paris la plateforme collaborative The Anonymous Project. Leur idée fixe: conserver la richesse du patrimoine visuel depuis le début des années 50 à travers des diapositives du monde entier.

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Konbini | June 2017

Anonymous Project Collects Lost and Forgotten Film And Gives It A Second Chance

Now that we can all play photographer at any moment with our camera phones, and developing film has almost become obsolete, some of us have never had the pleasure of digging through the piles of film stowed away in the attic…

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